What is the main criterion for choosing a stroller? Our experience shows that parents care primarily about the very good price-performance ratio, and also that the once-bought stroller would serve the child and new parents as long as possible. This is perfectly understandable because for many families buying a pram is still a serious financial effort. It is no coincidence that multifunctional prams, ie 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 models, are the most popular. In our guide, we suggest whether it is worth choosing such a product.

Advantages of the multifunctional buggy.

The multifunctional stroller set is also called a hybrid, which well reflects the idea of ​​this product. Only a few decades ago, parents had a very limited choice, which in practice boiled down to the purchase of a deep pushchair for a newborn and baby and a stroller at a later stage.

The revolution has brought the appearance of multi-functional prams on the market. Currently, parents can decide to buy a 3-in-1 model (deep carrycot, stroller, and car seat) or 2 in 1 (without a baby car seat). I gladly use this opportunity.


The multifunctional pram has several important advantages:

One-time purchase, which is enough for a long time - choosing a multifunctional stroller, parents do not have to worry about another expense for at least two years (of course, assuming that the walking function will meet their expectations and provide the child with maximum comfort).
Saving space - in a single product, we get 2 or 3. So there is no need to extract additional space, eg in the basement or the hallway. A multifunctional 3in1 Stroller is certainly a very reasonable solution for small apartment owners.
The convenience of using - the strength of multifunctional trucks is that all the components included in the set are compatible with each other. It takes a few minutes to change the function from the carrycot to the stroller. If you choose a 3-in-1 stroller, you can also be sure that the baby car seat will fit into the frame with the use of adapters.
Child safety - multifunctional prams offered in the Bello Babies store are solid constructions that ensure stability while driving. At the same time, their handling is very convenient because most models available on the market have large (often pumped) steering wheels or gel wheels. With such a toddler stroller you can go shopping in the supermarket or even drive it to the bus or tram.
Disadvantages of the multifunctional pushchair.
In our shop with strollers, we are guided by an unchanging principle: parents must receive reliable and honest advice from us. Therefore, we can not claim that a multi-purpose cart is a perfect solution because it is not.


2in1 and 3in1 prams have a few drawbacks, which we always mention in conversation with parents looking for the right vehicle for their child. Here are the most important ones:

Large sizes - of course, the leading cart manufacturers do a lot, so that the multifunctional models after taking up take up as little space, but some construction solutions simply can not be jumped. If parents have a small car and plan to regularly carry a trolley in the boot, they must realize that it may be necessary to distribute the trolley several times.
Weight - even the lightest multi-functional carts are usually significantly heavier than the classic deep carts, not to mention the strollers. It is worth taking this into account, especially if parents are waiting daily for the trolley to the high floor in a block without a lift. This is also the reason why we always recommend that you look at the measurement of pushchair you chose on the product page first to see if it is a problem.
Price - although the purchase of a multifunctional pushchair is very cost-effective (because it costs less than two separate prams), the original price of a good product can be a hindrance for some parents.
Parents who want to make a good choice should take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of the multifunctional pram. The role of a professional salesperson is also to present all these issues to clients to help them make decisions.

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