About Us


Bello Babies is active in both the domestic and European markets. We have been involved with the sale of prams in Europe for a dozen or so years now, making us one of the biggest exporters to the European countries.

Our range of products includes tens of modern, durable and multi-functional prams. Right from the production stage, we make sure our products are made using top quality materials, leaving parents to enjoy their usability and looks with peace of mind for the safety and comfort of their little ones. Our products satisfy all applicable European standards.

Our strollers are specifically designed to suit parent and child. Therefore, they are comfortable, stylish and compact. 

Our dream is to inspire young families to live a life in balance: from the birth of your baby to the first steps of your child. That translates into our ergonomic products, the partners we work together and the steps we take in terms of sustainability. 

Bello Babies is available in 25 countries in Europe.

Please feel free to take a look at our products and we hope you’ll enjoy using them.