Why choosing pram from Bello Babies it is a good idea!?

Why choosing pram from Bello Babies it is a good idea!?

Multifunctional pram - advantages and disadvantages, what to look for?
A well-chosen multifunctional pram will grow together with the child and the parents will only resign from it when the child uses only their own legs.


Orion 3 in 1 Pram Uk Carrycot stroller and car seat

Multifunctional pram - advantages and disadvantages


You only have to spend money once and have a headache problem. In the case of the "2 in 1" models, you have a pram for a child, which has to travel in a lying position and a stroller for an older one. 
Our models 3 in 1 also handle the purchase of a car seat. It can be used both in the car and mounted on the trolley frame.
Hybrids have the opinion of pram that is safe, stable and do not cause problems when manoeuvring.
Parents also praised the pram for their comfort. Depending on the model, it is easy to carry a pram or put a car seat on the frame - which works for even quick purchases.

Multifunctional pram usually cost a +£1000
We don't want to spend our hard earn money just for the full set. The average cost of a travel system on high street is £1000 but prices can soar to over £2000.

Multifunctional pushchair - what to look for?

The bigger the wheels, the easier it will be to overcome various inequalities:

Large, pumped wheels work well in the forest, on holes in roads, sidewalks, overcoming high curbs, etc. In addition to what is quite important for the baby's comfort, shock absorption is absorbed. However, you must remember that their disadvantage is weight and size. This is quite important for parents who will have to carry the pram twice a day up the stairs. At the parenting.pl forum, Darka 78 writes about the advantages of larger wheels: "I usually use the walking part from a multifunctional cart, because the larger wheels are easier to drive. I do not have a problem with bearing, because the carriages have the same level as leaving the cage. "On the other hand, the internet user is not satisfied with his pram:" (...) I regret only that the front wheels are small, too small for me. If there are any holes in the sidewalk and the circle falls into the crack, it is sometimes difficult to leave. On more demanding terrain there are sometimes problems with running the stroller. "
Smaller wheels are enough in the city and on even roads.
Many models of multi-purpose pram have torsional wheels that make it easier to manoeuvre the cart. However, opinions about them are divided. Some parents are delighted with them, others can not get used to it and advise against such a choice. Therefore, before choosing the steering wheels, it is worth spending a moment trying to manoeuvre the pram in the store.
What to do when a 14-month-old child does not want a pram?
How to convince a 20-month-old child to walk in a pram?

For parents who have a house or a spacious flat on the ground floor, this category will not matter much.
If there is a small space at your parents' disposal or you have to carry a pram on the 3rd or 4th floor after tight staircases, then it is worth spending a moment choosing a model that suits your needs.

Dimensions of the multifunctional pram will also be essential for people who travel a lot and they will often transport the vehicle either by public transport or own car. In the latter case, it is worth measuring the boot and trolley after folding. Sometimes, for 2 cm, they make it impossible to place the vehicle in the boot, yet it is better to avoid folding or removing the seats. On catalogue, dorek1 writes: "I bought this pram because of the mass of good reviews on the web (...), but it did not work on a daily basis, at least in my case. It is impractical. It occupies the entire boot, the wheels have to be unpinned all the time, and it is definitely too heavy. I would not buy it a second time. "

Smaller sized pram is praised by parents living in the city, who often walk on busy streets. Wercia13 praises the chosen model: "I like this pram for the fact that you can easily walk in it regardless of the place. It works great in a city where, as you know, it's not uncommon to be able to manoeuvre between cars that take a lot of pavement. In addition, in the city, there are hardly any simple pavements, so these obstacles are greatly overcome by the pram (...) ".


Mirage Soft carrycot kinderwagen

Hybrids have the opinion of the heaviest pushchairs: (which in turn has a positive impact on their stability):
Mom, choosing a vehicle for a child, should not only learn how much he weighs but picks him up and judge if it is too heavy for her. At the same time, you can not forget about adding a child's weight, additional accessories, and possible purchases.
The weight will be one of the most important selection criteria for parents who are waiting to carry the pushchair up the stairs. Pram has a frame made using aluminium is the solution for the issue. The pram is light and doesn't exceed 10kg.

Shock Absorbers:
Just like in a car, shock absorbers that soothe different shocks are important in the stroller. The principle is simple - if the parents live in a place where the roads are poor and there are many inequalities waiting for them, they should look at the shock absorbers.

Ease of submission and service:
Whether the buggy folds well, it is worth checking measurements, especially if the parents travel a lot or will often transport the pram by car. The frame is to fold quickly and easily, preferably with one hand. Many parents at Bello Babies pay attention to whether the vehicle is difficult to assemble, for example, Carly Kelbrick praises one of the models: "(...) brilliant pram, so practical and very easy to assemble. My boyfriend has a small car and the pram fits neatly in along with lots of shopping, very handy. The car seat is also very easy to get in and out of the car. Would highly recommend it. "
When choosing a hybrid, it is also good to check whether it is easy to change the deep truck into a walking version, or (in the case of "3 in 1") it is easy to change the carrycot into a car seat.


Height and adjustment of the handle:
The parent should be able to rest his hands freely. A useful function is to adjust the handle, especially if people who go out for a walk with their children are of different heights. You can also find a pram, in which the foldable handle allows the child to travel backwards or forward.

They should be three or five points. Should have a clasp difficult to open by the child. Jane writes about his pram: "A soft, comfortable, profiled seat with five-point seat belts. The baby is happy to sit in it and not get tired. And thanks to the belts, I know that nothing threatens her, that she will not fall out of the pram while driving. "

They should block two wheels at the same time and act so that the trolley stands still also on a slope.

Parents should pay attention to whether the selected pram has been checked for safety. If parents decide to use the 3-in-1 multifunctional option, do not forget to pay attention to the attestations and certificates that the car seat has.

It should be large, comfortable and deep. The pram walls are to be rigid, covered with a safe fabric, preferably from natural materials, waterproof and breathable. In addition, the material should be of good quality and easy to clean.

It should protect the baby well against the sun and wind. In the store, it is also worth checking whether it is easy and quiet to open. Well, if there is a transparent window in the roof that allows you to watch the child.

Supporting the stroller:
Approximately when the child turns nine months, you will need a stroller in a walking version. Therefore, pay attention to the backrest. It should be high, have a few-step adjustment and falls into a lying position. The adjustment should work so well that you can leave the backrest when your toddler is already asleep.

Protective barrier:
Okay, if it has a sponge upholstery. If it is detachable, look at how it works, whether the connection with the stroller is solid enough that the child is safe.

It should be made of a material that is easy to take off, clean and dry quickly. Some parents advise against the purchase of a pram in bright colours, observing that the stroller will often get dirty, especially as it will also serve as a stroller. 

The pushchair should have an adjustable footrest so that the child comfortably rests the legs.

Orion Futuro prams stroller car seat kinderwagen 

Buying a multifunctional travel system can be a great decision. Thanks to the money once spent, the pram can serve even three years. It is worth thinking about what features of the pram are the most important and most useful, as well as determine whether the best solution will be to buy the "2 in 1" or "3 in 1" model. The next steps should be: setting the maximum price of the multipurpose system, reviewing the various available models, selecting the best ones. Then you can take a closer look at the selected prams, test them and choose the best one.

Multifunctional 3 in 1 - hybrid

- Hybrid, or a Carrycot with a stroller or additionally with a car seat, is a universal solution adapted to the needs of the developing child from the newborn until the moment the weights are put away. Pram provides the comfort of travelling in a lying position, a stroller-sitting, and the car seat allows transport in the car.

- Hybrids are safe and stable. However, pay attention to the ease of adjusting the backrest, because sometimes it is hard to control it in some multifunctional models, which can awaken a child from sleep.

- As in single-profile trolleys, the basic safety rules are belts, preferably 5-point ones, and a safety barrier. Big wheels and shock absorbers will absorb shocks, while small and steer wheels will work better in the city. The adjustable footrest will also contribute to the comfort of our toddler. During walks, you will definitely need foil in the event of rain, a mosquito net for troublesome insects and a sunshade.

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